About Us

About Careerwizz

“Careerwizz”, is a career and educational solutions centre which offers a personalised guidance service, catering to those who seek to analyse/identify their aptitude, pursue their passions, realise their goals and achieve professional success.

Through “Careerwizz” Snigdha wants to target students from class 8-12 as they are in the most crucial phase of their life. She will offer personalised consultation services for Educational Planning and Career Guidance for these students, specifically in the working class. As a talk therapist, her approach is to first understand and guide the student and approach the parents on a later stage because she wants to build the students confidence and trust.

We aim to provide the following services:

● Assessment of Personality, Aptitude and Multiple Intelligence
● Identification of suitability to subject streams, courses, colleges and careers
● Programs for end-to-end career guidance
● End-to-end assistance to facilitate admissions to premier institutions in India and abroad
● Address issues of non-agreement between parents and children

The website www.careerwizz.in is the perfect platform for young students to explore the various career avenues that are listed on the website with elaborate details of the options a student can have. It showcases all the conventional and non-conventional career options for the students with the help of Univariety and provides clarity as to what competencies are required for what careers and illustrates available career options in a creative yet informative manner.